Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Adventures

Hey Folks,
So it has obviously been a while, 3 months to be exact since I have updated this blog... Why you ask?!
Well, this summer I am in Chicago on a Summer Project with Campus Crusade. I arrived in the city in the beginning of June, but May was FULL of preparing for project.
Raising support, sending letters, making phone calls, applying for jobs, finding a rat-babysitter, packing, etc...
So, my sincerest apologies to you avid readers who have been neglected over the past couple months!
However, this will be the last post on this blog until August or September, because I am keeping a different blog about all my Chicago adventures, you should check it out.
it is called Isaiah 43:7!
I hope you are enjoying your summers, and I hope you enjoy reading about mine, until September...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Registration Frustration

So, Its that time of year again...time to register for next years' classes.
However, the Journalism School decided the curriculum I started with 2 years ago wasn't sufficient enough for journalism students so last year they changed the curriculum.
Don't worry they said you can choose which to follow.
Don't worry they said we'll keep all the classes you need to graduate for as long as you stay here.
Don't worry they said everything will stay the same, just class requirements will change.
Lies. Lies lies lies lies lies.
I followed the old curriculum because I was over halfway through.
And what is happening now?!
EVERYTHING is changing!
I have to get overrides into JOURNALISM classes, why? I don't know.
I'm a stinking journalism major! WHAT?!
Today, I had to request overrides for 3 classes. Seriously.
Thanks a lot J-school.

This is why people hate you.

PLUS, some advisors that knew what they were talking about would be GREAT! Thanks!

Frustrated Journalism Senior who wants to graduate on time...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Alright, so instead of writing 800 blogs about all the crazy stuff that happened here at Club Yakeley over break, I decided to write one.
I have learned a multitude of things over break...
-Jim is easily scared
-Packzis are delicious
-My staff is crazy, but fun!
-Mad Gab is an awesome game
-Basketball is better than I thought...
-Chloe is my twin
-I have a great job
-I could spend my entire fortune in the Salvation Army
-I am extremely blessed

Here's the breakdown:
On Friday night, Chris and I were on rounds in WYG and we decided to take advantage of the creepy buildings and scare Jim. So we got Velora in on it and started to plan.
Chris got his Alien mask and creepy gloves and we called Jim.
This was the call "Hey Jim we just got a call that something was going on in the Williams basement but we are dealing with another situation could you guys go check it out? Thanks man."
Then we waited, Chris behind the door with his gear on and me in the corner with a camera.
And then Jim walked in.
Needless to say he jumped about 8 feet off the ground and we all had a great laugh out of it!
Then on Tuesday, Chloe and I went to shoot a Packzi story at Roma Bakery.
Mena, the owner, was so nice! She let us go in the back, and behind the counter, and she gave us 18 FREE packzis... and they were SO good!
I had my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh packzi this week.
PLUS, the story looks great!
So every night for the first half of the week, the 5 or 6 of us that stayed here got together to watch a movie and hang out, we also went to dinner in Brody before rounds... I'm not going to bore you with all the details, but man oh man are they fun.
On Tuesday night, we got together to play Mad Gab and eat pizza.... hahahahah! Awesome!
Team B won! yeah baby!
So, MSU was playing in the Big Ten Tournament... and to be honest it wasn't that bad to watch, it was actually pretty exciting... I know I know, but sometimes even hell freezes over.
So not only was I on duty, I also worked about 30 hours at WKAR. And I realized how lucky I am to have that job. I get to work in my field and get paid as an undergrad. Awesome! Plus it is SO MUCH FUN!
Also, Chloe and I are officially twins, we do the same things, we like the same things, we are twins! YES!
So my parents came up to hang out with me on Saturday and we went to 2 Salvation Army stores... I love that place!
I got 2 dresses, a coat, a skirt, a pair of pants and shoes... I could go broke in that store.
And although I didn't go anywhere exotic, and I didn't save the world, I had a great break and I realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by the people I am surrounded by.

Alright back to class!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Bus Couple

I was riding the bus this morning, and although I try not to be judgmental about others, at least not out loud, this couple is not allowed to get away with their behavior.
They got on the bus and the guy gave his girlfriend his bus pass.
Then she put it in her wallet and smiled at him almost as if to say, "look! I put your bus pass away! Kiss me!"
So they did.
This system of rewards continued.
She pulls the cord.
She notices their stop is coming up.

Seriously? I'm glad you are "in love," but please do not give us a demonstration.
Oh yeah... and the touching.
She wouldn't stop touching his leg.
Rubbing it, massaging it, and tapping it.
That's just weird.

So, Dear Bus Couple,
I know you are "in love" and feel as if you have to make the world know it every second of everyday, but it's only 9:30 in the morning and I don't want to puke.
So stop. Thanks.

Bus 33


The following blog is a example of solid skill.
So Jim and I went to move my car, in the blizzard, at 6:30.
We had a staff meeting at 7
We usually cut it this close, because it only takes about 20 minutes to move the car and walk back.
However, mother nature was hurling snow at us.
We took off out of West Circle and spun out, 180, and got stuck in the middle of the road. With some pushing, and waves to the waiting cars, Jim got us out.
So then we finally got to Lot 75 and parked the beast, Silvia.
We jump out of the car and the snow is up to our shins.
So we started to walk back.
Jim called Nick and I called Angie to tell them that we spun out, we're fine, and we will be late.
So we walked back and we were trucking along, we get to Adams field and notice that we still have 3 minutes to get back in time.
We walk into the Ivy room, with a minute to spare!
We bragged about it the whole time.
Then we spent the rest of the meeting cold and wet.
All that mattered was that we kicked the snow storm's butt and made it back in time.

Take that snow!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Official Maid of Honor

So as you loyal blog readers know, I am a delusional bridesmaid because I self-appointed myself to such title when Christine was getting married.
If you need a refresh, she had 8 bridesmaids then met me and obviously couldn't add another one so I came up with the solution to be a delusional one, meaning I get to enjoy all the fun things but I don't have to buy a dress or stand up in the wedding, and I still get to be honored in the program... Best way to help in a wedding.
Although Christine's wedding has come and gone, I am still a delusional bridesmaid due to the fact, I'm not a bride, not a bridesmaid, just a friend who likes weddings, plus that's a wicked title.
HOWEVER, I am now an official Maid of Honor.
My sister got engaged on her birthday. Congrats to Jared and Maggie!
They met at nursing school, they both go to U of M-Flint
So I was named Maid of Honor.
I will be wearing a yellow dress, and carrying sunflowers.
My 5 year-old god daughter will be matching me as the flower girl.
The other bridesmaids will be wearing what color you ask?
Yep, a blue and yellow wedding... awesome.
When I said this to her, she said "I can find someone else."
Hahahaha, really? mag chill it's a joke...

So anyhow, on telling Christine about this, she said
"You should join the bad bridesmaid's club with me!"

"What do I have to do to be in the club?"

"Bad-mouth the bride, nothing serious.."

"My sister will be a Bridzilla."

"OK, you're in."

So now I am officially the Maid of Honor and the 2nd member of the bad bridesmaid's club... WOOT! 2 titles, 1 week.

Honestly, I am super happy for Mag, she found a great guy and he got a great girl.
So if I clog this up with wedding stuff, that is why. I am helping to plan a wedding.

Until then...

Monday, January 31, 2011


OK, so last Sunday Christine sends me a text that says
"what are you doing next weekend? want to go up to our cabin?"
Well, you know my answer... HECK YES!
So as the week got progressively crappier, this idea of going to this cabin in the woods, away from everything for a weekend away kept sounding better and better.
So Friday, aka the day from hell, came around and although nothing was working out my way and I was having a rotten couple hours, I was super excited for the weekend.

Here's the fun part, it was Christine and Rex, and then me and Rex's friend Jake.
Who for some reason I was convinced was married.
Surprise, when I get to Christine's apartment, like 3 minutes before Jake shows up, Christine looks at me and says "Oh PS: Jake is single and a Christian."
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Now the ENTIRE weekend is going to be an awkward double date. Don't get me wrong, he's super nice and I don't doubt Christine's taste, but honestly? A double date... when I'm going to be dirty smelly and could care less about my looks? Awesome.
Plus, as Christine usually does, she made it really awkward and uncomfortable and CONSTANTLY asked me if I was in love.
Yes Christine, I met him 24 hours ago, we're in love and we're getting married tomorrow, how did you know...
So, anyhow, jumping back to the story, we packed up the car, and by we I mean the men packed the car and Christine and I ate. Solid.
So we were on our way...
3 hours, 1 awesome round of the Extreme Alphabet game and a quick nap later we were almost at the cabin.
So although this cabin was like 30 minutes from Ludington, the cabin was actually in a tiny town called Wahala, which led to all of us saying it with interesting accents. Anyhow, the cabin was on A road, nope that's not me being funny, the road was called A road.. it had no address, oh boy.
So we get on the road and we ware driving along, PS: it is GORGEOUS out there, and we see this man on a snow plow, you know plowing the road at 9 pm. no big.
So we stopped and he walked up, we told him where we were heading and he said, "If you need me to plow you out just give me a call..." A call? on the phone neither one of us have? When we don't know your name and you don't know ours? OK, sure.
Noticing this flawed plan, Jake, while the window was still open and plow man was still in ear-shot, says "Do you want us just to yell? or..."
We all laughed then pretended to call the plow man using "DUUUUDDDE!" or "plow man!" or "Holler at ya boy," which was my favorite.
So we get to the driveway and we're trucking on down, then we see the hill in the driveway and decide not to drive down it because the chances of getting back out in the 2 feet of snow were poor. So the four of us truck to the cabin, Rex gets the key and we head in to the cabin.
Rex married rich!
This is a beautiful cabin, seriously it looks like it was carved from the trees.
And it has heat, and electricity and 3 bedrooms. Rex and Christine got the couple room. Jake got the bunk-bed room and I got the awesome loft room!
So Rex and Christine go to get the snowmobile running so they can get up the hill and get our stuff. Meanwhile Jake and I start the fire.
So the fire was started but the snowmobile wasn't, so Christine and Rex walked up the hill with sleds to get our stuff, Jake was up for round 2 and I was up for round 3, which never happened... Alleluia!
So then Rex, Jake and I executed our birthday plan... it is Christine's birthday on Wednesday.
Rex brought a cake, I brought the streamers, balloons and birthday sign and Jake brought enthusiasm.
I'm calling it operation Birthday Supreme.
Rex asked Christine to help him outside, Jake and I went to work.
2 minutes, 8 balloons, one sign and wood covered in streamers later Christine walks in and is completely surprised and impressed at our quick set up skills!
PS: It was a joint party because Jake's birthday is on the 1st and Christine's is on the 2nd.
So Happy Birthday to you both!
So the rest of the night was uneventful, some jokes and interesting conversation.
The next day was the best day of my life. Seriously.
We lounged around all day.
It was epic.
In the afternoon Christine and I went outside to play in the snow and go sledding... We played icicle baseball and wrote in the snow with our snow pencils... then we decided to go sledding so I grabbed the red sled, Delilah, and Christine grabbed the blue one, Blue Streak.
After the first run, aka us pushing ourselves all the way down the hill, we had a legit track.
We began to race and commentate each other. Christine claims she won, however, she did not. She did however crash into me... cheater.
But then we laid in the snow, where I was asked if I was going to marry Jake... as you know we are getting married tomorrow... so to avoid the conversation I started a snowball fight.
The jerk got me in the face with piles of snow like 18 times.
After we were COVERED in snow, we called it quits.
After coming inside and getting ready to go out, we left to head to Ludington for dinner.
We first went to Lake Michigan, which is SO PRETTY!
That is just so cool! the waves froze on the beach and we could walk on them! Awesome!
Also, Christine, earlier in the weekend, decided that we would all start to major in piracy, being pirates.
Rex, who has been growing a beard is self conscious about the color of his beard had been the butt of our jokes all weekend... so Jake knowing he would walk into it says, oh man we should all have pirate names, Rex walking right into it says YES!! So Jake says You are Captain Red Beard.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Awesome.
So then we went to House of Flavors for dinner and her is where the awkward level peeked.
First the waitress walked up and Jake demanded a pirate name, she looked at us like we were on fire then said she would get back to him.
Then, while we were ordering, Jake and I split a dinner, Christine says to the waitress about us.."Don't they make a cute couple?"
We all freeze and beg her not to answer that...
Christine really?
So after our meal, complete with cole slaw and toast we ate our FREE ice cream and headed to the good will
PS: That was awesome... some winners there. Including, Disney pants.
Then we headed back.
The next day we cleaned and headed home, where Christine canoed to the highway... no joke she paddled to the highway, then let the river, aka the highway, take us the rest of the way.
All in all a solid trip and fantastic weekend.

A couple of things I've learned this weekend:
-I am gullible
-The boys convinced my there was a bat in my room, I was afraid of it for 3 hours
-I say the word awkward weird
-I say awkward with a Michigan accent, like AHHHHkward
-Christine will do ANYTHING to set me up on a date, even an awkward double date.

So great weekend, I want to go back, honestly I could live there..

Until then...